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Male Nipples


man nipples


What causes male nipples?

Without nipples the male chest would look weird. The nipples direct the eye to the curve of the pectoral muscle.  

Both male and female babies are born with nipples and ducts intact. It is the presence of genes that direct hormones to differentiate the breast tissue. The Y chromosome stimulates hormones such as testosterone to form male features. 

Insufficient or defective testosterone, poor tissue responsiveness, or an unbalance of other hormones like Prolactin or Estrogen can cause female like breasts even in men known as Gynecomastia. At birth, the small amount of the mother's estrogen in the baby can result in small breasts they usually resolve. An unbalance of hormones during male puberty can cause temporary breast growth, this resolves for most. There are also many medical problems and drugs which can cause male breast growth. 

The nipple is actually the central protrusion inside of the pigmented areola. There is a thin muscle just under the skin that when stimulated, tends to flatten the puffed male nipple areola. This muscle when stimulated in a breast feeding woman, projects the nipple for the baby. Nerves that innervate the nipple and areola can produce pleasure for both men and women. The male chest without nipples has an unusual look. Long nipples can also be an issue.


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